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My Website Was Hacked (WordPress Edition)


Welcome to the wonderful world of websites, grab a glass of wine and get ready to forgive forget and move on – Keep this mindset when your site gets hacked. WordPress hacking is HUGE right now and it can be a scary episode if this is your first time going through the experience.

First, keep in mind that 99% of the time the hacking and/or site breach is not personal. In my experience, I have found that much of the time the attack is not even stemming from a human being but from software. We could sit here and speculate all day on why anyone/thing would target your innocent website or blog for seemingly no reason at all. The majority of the time, the reason behind hacking and website breaches are to use your website to help spread their SPAM links.

What do I do now?

The good news is that your site was most likely targeted along with a large number of other similar websites using a similar setup (WordPress for example). The damage you are facing is probably injected junk code into a series of one or more of your website files. While this is a total annoyance and can make your website behave in bizarre and unpredictable ways, we deal with this issue more often than we would like and can remedy the problem quickly.

If your website has issues due to a hack, reach out to us and we can help provide guidance to resolve the issue as well as help put measures in place to try to ensure another hacking episode does not occur.

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