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The Truth About Using A Sitebuilder Service such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace


You have come to terms with the fact that your new project, service or business needs a new site. You are pumped, you are eager to get started, you have visions of people using your site and all the success it will bring. Then you realize you have no clue how much you should spend on getting your site developed.

Site builder platforms like Wix, Squarepace, and Weebly look great at first glance. The pricing seems good, the showcase of designs look extraordinary and you figure this will be perfect for your new site.

I am not here to bash, but I am here to let you know that these services are not all what they are cracked out to be. I do not want to say they are a trend or fad, however can say with certainly that we more often than not are contacted to come to the rescue to rebuild websites away from these platforms. Here is why:

Price and Time Traps

Believe it or not, it still takes work to make these website look awesome and you better be ready to put the time to learn the ropes or shell out some additional cash to make this happen.

The After Affect

You make it past the design phase, and your new site is launched. Did you do it right? Are their pre-defined SEO tools enough to make you stand out from the crowd? The process was easy, do you really feel like it should be this easy to have a killer site that outshines your competitors?

Limitations and Growth

So you are ok with all of the above, all systems are a "go" and you are happy with your new website as well as how it performs. You have decided that you want to add some cool features or advanced functionality to your site, you might even be thinking about contracting out to have someone else handle the maintenance to your site. This is usually where we are forced to step in, sites built on these builder platforms are not only confined to their web hosting but are also confined to the functionality that is predefined within their site builder software.

In most situations the end result of the site builder saga (after 3 or 4 months) entails a rebuild of the website on a self-hosting / stand-alone or custom platform to achieve the freedom one would typically want with any website. Our advice, skip the builders, properly establish a budget, and engage in a proper site discovery process with a developer/designer who you can consult with to achieve your vision from the start.

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